Monday, February 8, 2010

The very irregular post!

I am really going to try and do this more often.

Over the weekend we were truely blessed by God...a friend invited us to go to Disney in Orlando. We have to pay for our food and flight home which is about $320 for the 3 of us. The kids are really excited as am I, the hubby is not. He gets to stay home and work. Bummer.

You know it is not the vacation I am so excited about but spending time with a friend. Since, my best friend died I've been praying for a friend that could also have girls that were the same age as the girls and homeschooled. Well, ask and you shall recieve. PTL.

Anyway, today is Michala's big day. She has an audition for a scholarship (did I ever mention she plays the violin). I really doubt she will get it, but the experience will be good. She is nervous and I am trying to explain that her only failure will be failing to try. But, I must be nervous for her as well, since I woke at 4am from a dream that we couldn't get there on time. LOL...I am letting her sleep in since she didn't sleep the night before and I want her to be well rested. Plus, they have been fighting something for the last few weeks.

I found an amazing cookbook for you gluten free foodies out there. I just love it and it is so simple to use. If you have ever tried anything from scratch you understand how hard it can be. You feel like you empty your whole pantry into the bowl because you use about 6 flours and most of them are so strange you can't pronounce the names! Well, no more with my new favorite cookbook! Easy Gluten-Free Baking by Elizabeth Barbone .
I got mine at borders books with a coupon. Did you know you can sign up for e-mails and they send you coupons? Yes, they do!

Schooling update...We have been getting up at 7 am and I have been reading to them aloud while they eat and do some art/handy crafts. Usually starting with the Bible, moving on to a fun read aloud (Treasure Island is our current read), then ending with either history ( Creation to Ancient Egypt and Greece) or science. We are using Apologia's Botany book and Truthquest history (which uses living books)and Diana Warrings Creation to Rome. When I am finished reading the girls usually do math (Carmin is doing Saxxon 4/5, and Michala is using Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra). They then do CQLA or Character Quality Language Arts (which is all LA in one which I love). They then read a mix of their history/ Bible hero's/science/or a good literature book. We are hopefully done by 1:00 when all our other activities start. On Monday" and Wednesday's we have a very long day of school getting much of our history and science done. We have a very light day on Thursdays.

Well, I am going to wake up the sleeping beauties and start school!

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