Monday, November 21, 2011

Christain Books at Vision Forum

I just love this catalog and we will be ordering from it this Christmas...shh don't tell the kids. I have been very pleased with the products we have purchased so far from them. I really enjoyed the Passionate Housewife book and also Large Family Logistics. A few years ago the kids got the walkie talkie watches and still enjoy using them when we go camping or hiking. Mostly I would love to order some of the great books for our homeschool library and personal christian growth.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Great Book

The girls and I watched 'Miss Potter" and since they have been very interested in Beatrix Potter. We found a real gem at the local Library- NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE- THE STORY OF BEATRIX POTTER BY DOROTHY ALDIS copy write 1969. This book is exactly what Charlotte Mason would call a living book. It is inspiring! We want to go outside and live the life Beatrix lived...thanks to her governess not her parents. It could serve as a manual of home education. She had an excellent govorness who taught her through her (Beatrix) own interests! Just amazing. Infact, we have enjoyed it so much we will be looking for a used copy at Amazon to add to our own library.

On Sunday, coming home from grandma's, our tired family turned the car around to observe a Snowy Owl on the top of a barn roof. Thankfully, we had the camera with us! It was the largest one I've ever seen. It was so beautiful and sotic sitting up there scaning the feilds for food. Today the girls looked up the owl on-line and listened to its call. I was disapointed it wasn't in our book HANDBOOK FOR NATURE STUDY- BY ANNA COMSTOCK. We did however find fun and interesting information on-line and in some nature magazines we already own.