Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Auditions and More

Well, yesterday Michala had her Audition with Grand Traverse Musicale. We will find out either late tonight or tomorrow morning if she will receive a scholarship. Her chances are small but it was good experience for her. It was a last minute deal. We found out that they would open the scholarship up to her last Tuesday, which isn't a whole lot of time to find a music piece ( usually only 8Th-11Th graders- can try out, M is in 7Th). So, we found some music she already knew well to play; but, they were fiddle tunes. (next year we will prepare a classical piece). The genre was more classical music than fiddle/folk, but it is always worth a try. Plus, some of these kids have so much experience and good teaching under their belts that it is hard to compete. Don't get me wrong; I love our teacher but these kids go to camp after camp and have professional musicians for teachers.

It was a very nerve wracking experience for a mom! I actually dreamed we forgot the violin and then couldn't get in the door. Here is a synopsis of the whole ordeal. We ended up getting there late and had to pass the time on to another boy who sang some beautiful song in Latin. (My nerves started in) Then this lady with a watch comes up to us and says looking at her watch, "You got 15 min until you are on. You must be here in 7, and waiting. My watch is syncronized with the judges." I am thinking...oh my, this is the big leagues...I start sweating...I think I have to use the bathroom! But wait, Michala needs me to fill out paperwork and take all her stuff to the other room. Her teacher says, "we need to tune up and run through a practice." I think bathroom will have to wait...I probably don't have to go anyway. They get into the room to warm up and sit down, they play maybe a 1/4Th of the song and the lady with the watch comes to the door with a look on her face like... get out here or you aren't going to audition. Now, my stomach is tuning and I am shaking a little. I think... jeez these people are uptight we don't have to be on for 10 min. But, we go.. and then stand a wait. (I don't get it). So while standing there her teacher who is accompanying Michala on the cello states she is nervous then turns and enters the Chapel. Leaving me standing outside the door fidgeting with fright. (Parents aren't allowed in the room, in fact no one but the accompanist, musician, and judges are.) So, there I stood trying to hear but not peer at her so she could see me and loose her composer. As far as I could tell she did well and her teacher confirmed she did great. When the lady with the watch asked her what Michala thought of the audition she said, " It was great! I had fun!". Here I was nervous, stomach turning, sweating etc...and she was enjoying herself! She never even noticed all these people with watches and papers bossing us around! So, lesson for mom learned... if kid doesn't appear nervous...relax and let them have fun. I also learn something about my daughter...she is one very composed young lady! Scholarship or not I am so proud of her.

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