Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Overscheduling your kids time

I know for a fact that this really bothers some of my friends and maybe family but I am of the mind that my kids don't need every moment of each day occupied. I know it is hard for us mothers who seem to think that we need a plan an activity or a learning experiance for the day...I've come to disagree-- after a little heart searching and prayer. Why not just let the child play? You know I don't think that if Thomas Edison's mother would have given him little lessons or activities she would have even come close to the amazing lessons he taught himself. God instilled in each child creativity, enthusiasm, a sense of adventure, and some ingenious ideas. Think of all the scientists, authors, billionaires, adventurors, presidents, and the like who spent their free time discovering who they really are...teaching themselves their own trades. So, no I think my children just need to play, explore, and create. I don't need to help them along... their imagination is far better than anything I or anyone else could possibly teach them!

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