Friday, February 12, 2010

Frugality (you may think I am crazy after this)

I clean a house once a week to help pay for music and dance. I end up taking home the numerous newspapers for our wood stove almost weekly. They put them in a big black garbage bag along with other things. I bring this whole bag home and sort it. Here comes the crazy part that may make you think that I am insane. But that's okay I have been called worse. These are the things I found in the bag that were useful to our household.

- 1 30 gallon garbage bag to reuse
- 3 dry cleaning bags (w/ a knot in the bottom they can be used for small garbage bag)
- 1 hanger which we always seem to need
- Almost a whole ream of paper for the printer (1 side used)
- Newspaper for the fire and making baskets
- coupons from 4 different newspapers! I end up giving some away!

Crazy, but I rarely buy any garbage bags, hangers, or paper for the printer. And to top it off the coupons often come the same time the store is offering a sale! I can get name brand 3 pack of razors for .99 cents and so on! Walgreen's actually had $10 store coupon and the paper a $10 manufactures coupon for teeth whitening making it cost $14 instead of $34! I don't know if I will buy it. But, someone I know may use the coupon. You don't always have to go to all the stores to get the sales. Most store match prices if you bring in the competitors ad. So, you can still have one stop shopping.

So, on top of getting paid I get paid again! I don't know on average how much this saves me; but it saves me and helps pay for music and dance for my girls making this effort very worth my time!

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