Thursday, February 28, 2008

Long Thursdays

Okay today is the day I dread of all my week days. I get up at 6am and go to my accountability partners house and then go to clean my weekly cleaning job. Some days I enjoy the break others I return tired and with an aching back. I always listen to music, sermons, or talk radio while cleaning. But this morning I broke my earphones getting out of the car! So, in the bathroom I listened to the radio and then had quiet for some of the other 2 hours of cleaning. Which gave me much time to talk with the Lord. But for some reason when I don't have radio I move much slower and was a 1/2 hour behind today. When I got to the kitchen I turned on the Food Network channel and this show was on called Partially Homemade. Now I am hoping to find these really amazing recipes on the web! Which got me to thinking about a friends blog and her question of what does from "scratch" mean? What does it mean? Unless your God did you really make anything from "scratch"? Anyhow, now that the persons house I clean for is clean. I need to clean mine. It is much more fun to clean another persons house than your own!


Melissa said...

I hear ya on having more fun cleaning someone else's house more then your own. I'll have to look up that Food Netword show. Sounds interesting!

Amie said...

The food network show does sound interesting. I think I saw a similar cookbook at Sam's club.