Monday, March 10, 2008

Daily Digest

Well today I am busy with the daily routine. The girls are busy with school. I am checking e-mail and doing laundry. Exciting! I am very excited, however to go to INCH this year. It is our state home school conference that is held in Lansing. I have not gone since my best friend died and I am ready to go now. In the past it has been geared toward new home schoolers. This year it seems to have more to offer for those of us who aren't quaking in our boots at the idea. Notice I didn't say afraid because you are always afraid. Afraid your child isn't getting enough of each subject, afraid you will fail, afraid they won't get into college. We just aren't terrified like we were at first (LOL). I really don't fear these things on a regular basis. Just once and a while when I hear of how bright someones child is and I wonder will mine make the cut? Then God reminds me I was called to do this and when ever you are called by God. Well he doesn't fail. He always rises to the occasion.


Amie said...

I so wish I was going!

Moon said...

this is Tanya. I have been reading your blog. I am very inspired to incorporate Charlotte Mason into my homeschooling now. I already Love the unit study approach, this sounds great too! Thanks for the info and websites. My email is if you want to email me sometime.

Melissa said...

Exactly! And by the way, your girls are VERY bright. There is NO DOUBT about it!!

rach said...

Tanya, I know you from church when you used to live here. I should post a picture of me on my blog but, LOL I am the picture taker in the family and very few of me exist that the kids haven't taken and well they are not flattering.